High Speed Access

Are you tired of the problems with standard dial up modem lines? The Slow down load times? The cutoffs? TecSol Net has a variety of high speed solutions.

Below are some of our options. Each is a perfect fit for the right environment. Some have higher speeds. Some have lower cost and  some can be installed in certain areas of town. Give us a call at 312-848-1505 or Email you requirements to Sales@tecsol.net . We can suggest a technology for your unique situation. You can have higher speed internet access for your home or business. Many of the options are suprisingly affordable and can save you time and money.

  • Satellite
  • Cable
  • Modem Bonding
  • ISDN- Dial
  • ISDN-Fixed
  • Private Line
  • WireLess
  • DSL
  • Long Reach Ethernet
  • Blue Tooth
  • Microwave
  • Spread Spectrum